From aviators to innovators, we’re a veteran and minority-owned start-up with a dream of unlocking reliable electric power for everything that drives, flies, sails, and runs by revolutionizing how we power the future.

Industry leaders
turned hands-on innovators

What started as a dream of revolutionizing the world of electric power in the “garage” of two former colleagues has become a clearinghouse of game-changing innovation. Dan and Sia first met at Capstone Turbine, and despite heading in different career directions, they stayed in touch. After discovering the incredible power and potential of 5-phase technology, they joined together to found Optiphase Drive Systems.

In the years since, ODS has developed and patented groundbreaking electric power and propulsion technologies with some of the best people across the world.

We’re engineers, pilots, designers, strategists, and creatives. We strive to redefine what’s possible and craft unbelievable solutions for innovators and vehicle designers tired of the limitations of existing electric power.

partners, investors, clients, and collaborators

who we work with

In addition to partnerships with several of the world’s largest automotive, aerospace, and defense companies, we have the opportunity to collaborate and innovate alongside other technology pioneers. 


Whether you’re an investor, innovator, or looking for a solution to power a next gen electric vehicle, we’d love to get connected.



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